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wild horses Nevada
wild horses Nevada photography workshops

 Come and enjoy the experience of a lifetime , in  the high desert wilderness, of the Great Basin Country Of Northeastern Nevada, learn about our living legends of the American West, the mustangs. During our wild horse photography workshops, you will get the opportunity to view the magnificent  wild horses up close , or capture  the action of wild horses  galloping  with the wind through  the vast wide open spaces of Nevada's high desert landscape. 
You will hear the sound of thunder as they pass by you, leaving only a thick trail of dust and they may just steal your heart away. 

It will be full day of photographing the magnificent  wild horses, from the early morning desert light to the late afternoon sunlight. You will be learning about the different social dynamics within the herd.  It is a fascinating adventure to be able to photograph these powerful herds along with their new born foals . You will get to see them at their favorite watering hole, swimming, splashing around and taking their mud baths. 

In a wild  horse herd each stallion has his own band of mares who will fiercely defend them against an unwelcome suitor trying to steal his mares away.

 Young bachelor stallions are kicked out of the herd at around two years of age. Then they  must go out and acquire their own herd of mares, so the older stallions are always on alert for danger to his herd, from the bachelor stallions who 
 think they might be tough enough to challenge the older stallion and take away this herd.
This is another action shot you may have the opportunity to capture.It can get really intense if they start battling . 

You won't  be disappointed with our workshops we make it fun and exciting making sure 
you get those memorable photographs and memories to share. We have a lot of clients and friends 
 who come back year after year, because we provide in field workshops that far exceed their expectations. They simply love being out in nature and seeing the wild horses .  

We are sure that you will enjoy attending a workshop with us!
Your spirit will be renewed just being around these beautiful animals in there natural environment.

You will also get an education on  many issues  that are threatening our  wild horses very survival on  public lands, some of which are mining , gas and oil leases,  cattle and sheep grazing in the same herd management areas as wild horses. A lot of HMA's have already been zeroed out for use by wild horses by the Bureau Of Land Management.

There are now more wild horses in federal holding facilities than out on the range .The public needs to be aware of what is going on with our wild horses and every available  measure needs to be taken to protect them. 
These are critical times for wild horses,they may be gone from the landscape forever if we do not speak up and let our Congressmen know that we want them to remain free on the public lands,dedicated for them by an Act Of Congress , The Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burros Act in  1971. Hope to see you on the wild horse trail!

Call us to book a wild horse photography workshop and tour. We will do our very best to arrange the dates during the Summer months that will work best for you starting in June 2016, this is a great month to see all the newborn foals and wildflowers blooming out on the range. We will also have workshops and tours through  Fall Winter  Email 
 Or call 775-934-2674 if unavailable please leave your name and number and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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